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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Martha Stewart - Glamour's 1961 Best Dressed College Girl

While in high school, Martha Stewart began modeling for upscale department stores in New York City and subsequently appeared in several television commercials and fashion magazines. Stewart was offered a full scholarship to New York University but declined in order to attend Barnard College, where she studied art history while supporting herself through modeling.

Stewart's modeling career was given a boost in 1961 when she was named by Glamour magazine as one of America's 10 best-dressed college students—but just barely. "I was a runner up," said Stewart. "Barnard put me up for this. One of the top ten got pregnant or flunked out, so I got the call!" But Stewart gamely rose to the occasion, mounting a prop flagpole and posing in a vivid orange cape with the rest of the girls, telling the magazine, "I want a simple life: a house in the country."

Later that year she married Andrew Stewart, a student at Yale Law School. Stewart graduated from Barnard in 1963 and continued modeling in New York while her husband established his law career.

The Glamour August 1961 issue is available at Paper Pursuits:

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