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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Upcoming arrivals: 1960s Novita & Italian Vogue

Today and within the the next 3 weeks, we are will be posting up about 15 issues of 1960s Novita and Italian Vogues. Novita merged into Italian Vogue in 1966. Covers by Irving Penn, Bert Stern, Art Kane, Guy Bourdin and more.

Direct link to buy:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Magazine Cover Archive - New Additions

We have added more magazines to our Magazine Archive site: Charm, Femme Chic, Harper's Bazaar France, Harper's Bazaar (Italia), Harper's (German), L'Art et la Mode, Marie Claire, Marie France, Town & Country and Seventeen.

Expecting 60+ French Elle, Marie France and Marie Claire

In about 3 weeks, we are expecting a shipment of 60+ French Elle, Marie Claire and Marie France. Most from 1960s and a little from 1970s.

You can buy them on-line at