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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A conversation with myself: She is the Goddess. She is the Sheba

She is the Goddess. She is the huntress of the forest. She is (the) Sheba. But, look she is the animal. She is the earth and forest among us. Born Vera von Lehndorff, she is known as Veruschka. She was the world’s first supermodel, a playmate of Hollywood stars and a pioneer in the art of body painting. Whose far out features dominated fashion magazines in the late ‘60s. With her bold statement. And thus she became what she is. Leaving a lasting impression in the fashion world.

"I dressed all in black and went to see all the top photographers, like Irving Penn, and said, 'I am Veruschka who comes from the border between Russia, Germany and Poland. I'd like to see what you can do with my face.'" "I was always being different types of women. I copied Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot, Greta Garbo. Then I got bored so I painted myself as an animal,"

This statement really makes me smile. Asked if she misses the glamour of modeling, she looks down her wide, flat nose unselfconsciously:
" No. I have my own drama and glamour anyhow. As long as I am here, it is not gone."

But what really states of whom she is this quote on her website

"...the desire to hide, to be camouflaged, to escape human appearance, to be an animal, an object, not a person, the desire to punish the self, to dissolve the self into the world, to be striped naked, to pertify the body, to become only matter.”

susan sontag (Fragment of an Aesthetic of Melanchalie)

Video of Veruschka in Africa with Peter Beard

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